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This index refers to the 227,617 individual jazz musicians (1,420,323 total entries) included in over 246,676 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of August, 2020.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific musicians:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual musicians. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific musicians. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual musicians.

Musician Listing Updates:

Musicians who wish to have their listings updated are asked to submit full discographical data as per the following list - Please submit this information for each release you wish to have added to the database:

  • Leader name and country
  • Album title
  • Musicians including instrument(s) played
  • Recording location(s) (city) and venue if a live recording
  • Recording date(s)
  • Tunes played (as listed on release)
  • Record label name and release number
  • Country of origin of Record label

If you are unable to send us this information, please send us scans or photocopies of the releases.


Page C30 - Freddy Cusick to Roland Czyzyk

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Musician nameSessionsRecording YearsInstruments
Freddy Cusick1811922-1930ts,cl,as
Fred Cusik91926-1927cl,ts,mellophone,as
Jose Cusimano11997b
Claudio Cusmano41993-2002g,cello
Andy Cuss381984-2000tp
Jean Cussac211962-1972vcl
Olivier Cussac12018synt
Per Cussion31981-1986perc,d,ldr,el-perc,berimbau,el-d,cuica,vcl
Michel Cusson151982-2007g,el-g,g-synt,uke,keyboards,mand,arr,cond,synt-g,e
Beth Custer311986-2015cl,vcl,b-cl,alto-cl,sampler,p,keyboard,Bb-cl,fl,bb,keyboards,bedpan,org,words,b-flat-cl,water,sirens,toy-p,tp,B-flat-cl
Robbie Custer12008d
Andre Custodio22000-2002darbuka,d,amplifier,tom-tom
Joao Custodio42007-2015b
Bob Cusumano381936-1951tp, mellophone
Giuseppe Cusumano21974-1993vln,g
Joe Cusumano101971-1978g,el-g,electronics
DJ Afro Cut-Nanga12008electronics,turntables
Giacomo Cutaia11993perc
Steve Cutcher11990ts
John Cutcliffe21983-1984background vcl
Taylor Cutcomb21999-2003p,b
Jorge Cutello51972-1989as,fl,voice,vcl
Gavin Cuthberson21996-1997vcl
Colin "Buddy" Cuthbert11951bj
Murray Cuthbert11984b-tb
Eric Cuthbertson21936-1937viola
Grant Cuthbertson12006tumbao-b
Ian Cuthbertson91954-1996cnt,tp,cl,ts
Dick Cuthell21985-1987cnt,flhrn,tenor-hrn
James Cuthill11998prepared-p
Jan Cuthill11978bassoon
Gwen Cuthrie11977vcl
Noberto Cutillo21992-1993d,berimbau,perc
Paul Cutlan141996-2008b-cl,as,ts,cl,sop,g,Eb-cl,bar
Amy Cutler12004vln
Chris Cutler861973-2016d,perc,electronics,el-d,objects,flotsam,noise,electrics,radio,p,el-perc,piezos,whistle,effects,p scrape,processing,tp,vcl,amplified-junk,CD player,mar
Dave Cutler31978d,timb,perc
David Cutler11996p
Ivor Cutler41971-1974vcl,voice,bar-concertina,narrator
James Cutler11982ts
Jim Cutler51985-2005ts,fl,cl,sop,as
Rick Cutler121972-2010d,perc,p,vibs
Roy Cutler11973tb
Sara Cutler31990-2001harp
Stew Cutler201987-2011g,el-g,hca
Tracey Cutler12010as
Tracey Cutley12019sax
Mitch Cutlip51982-1984b
Mitch Cutlipe11997b
Steve Cutmore12000saxes
Vinnie Cutro501980-2019tp,flhrn
Dan Cutrona12002keyboards
John Cutrone81979-2013d,triangle
Bob Cutshall31947-1950tb
Cutty Cutshall3231939-1968tb,tp,vcl
Scott Cutshall31993-1994perc,hand claps
Sean Cutshall22003-2004bar
Alain Cuttat41972-1973tb
Bob Cutting61983-1991tp
Ernie Cutting181917-1921p,b
Andre Cuttitta11985ts
Pat Cuttitta12004d
Jim Cuttmann61993b
Giancarlo Cutuli21993-1995bar,reeds
Christian Cuturrufo21993-2006tp,2
Cristian Cuturrufo11993tp
Antoine Cuvelier11975tb
Johnny Cuviello81946-1947d
Matt Cuvilier11992hca
Richard Cuvillier11977tp
Pierre-Andre Cuxac52009-2014bar,cl,as,b-cl,saxes
Phil Cuykendall12003d
Danny Cuypers11993saxes
Els Cuypers11997fhr
Leo Cuypers371969-1995p,melodica,d,synt,cga,vcl
Marcel Cuypers11984p
Jan Cuyvers21982d
Brandon Cuz12010d
Dr. Cuz91993-2013perc,cga
Cuz Cuzeneau21954d
Chris Cuzme21998-2013fl,saxes,didgeridoo
Kate Cuzner101976-1990fl,pic,as,flutes,vox,vcl,keyboards,perc
Jose Cuzzani12017cello
Bojan Cvetinov12017reeds
Miroslav Cvijanovic11962vib
Maurice Cybula11969vln
Ewa Cybulska12009vcl
Roman Cycowski11933bariton-voice
Corinne Cykiert11980vcl
Marc-Henri Cykiert101980g,perc,d-programming,vcl,synt,b,berimbau
Harry Cykman621963-1981vln,strings,viola
Leonard Cyl31952-1953ts
Master Cylinder11974vcl
Jeremiah Cymerman52007-2019cl,electronics,comp,perc
Chuck Cymone11996arr,b-synt,keyboards
Cynthia21969-1970backing vcl,vcl
Reginald Cyntje71998-2014tb
Clarence Cyphers31948-1950p
Fabien Cyprien12015tb
Teddy Cypron21945bar
Jean Cyr51987-2014b,el-b
John Cyr611937-1968d,perc,vib
Johnny Cyr71953-1960d,vib,perc
Leala Cyr12012voice,tp
Michel Cyr51982-1995keyboards,p,org,synt,arr,comp
Tyler Cyr12010as
Tony Cyre11991d
Gunnar Cyren21972-1973ts
Andrew Cyrille1851961-2019d,perc,vcl,cga,voice,trap d,trap-d,bells,LP-perc,cymb,sansa,gongs,agogo
Marc Cyrille11994b
Bill Cyrils11963vib
Marina Cyrino12017fl
Cyro & George11985perc
Casey Cysik61981vcl
Kacey Cysik21981-1990backing-vcl,vcl
Sam Cytron11955vln
Samuel Cytron181946-1968vln,viola
Jakub Cywinski32007-2010b
Ladislas Czabanick21954b
Stanislas Czabanick121946-1948b
Ladislas Czabanyck231947-1954b
Brian Czach42003-2014perc,d
Ed Czach141979-2019p,keyboards,org
Graham Czach42007-2011b,el-b
Michal Czachowski11999flamenco-g
Heinz Czadek221970-1997tb,arr,ldr
Michael Czaja22013-2018as,woodwinds,sax
Jim Czak22003-2012whistling,shaker
Peter Czako31994-2006b-g
Tibor Czako31998-2003d
Lucian Czaplicki11984fl,as,alto-fl,sop
Lucjan Czaplicki21966-2001cl,sax,hca
Ryszard Czaplicki11956b
Vasil Czardaklyski11967p
Jaroslaw Czarnecki12001d
Philip Czarnecki22012-2013g
Steve Czarnecki81993-2011org,p,keyboards
Gabor Czcikovszky11996sop,ts
Graham Czech12008b
Jeff Czech51977-1995el-b,vln,g,b,crow call,bugle,vcl,perc
Rachel Czech12014cello
J. Czechowicz11985poetry
Andrzej Czechowski61971-1997tb,vcl
John Czechowski12003b
Adi Czeiger12011vln
Marton Czeitler11959tb
Pal Czeizer11969b
Jan Czekala111956g
Lukasz Czekala12015vln
Wolfgang Czelusta51972-1988tb,b-tb
Brian Czempinski11973perc
Claudio Czenkar21961-1967vib
Krisztina Czenner12007vln
Jeff Czerbinski11970b
Kazimierz Czernichowski11970g
Edyta Czerniewicz12005vln
Aaron Czerny12001tp
Henriett Czerovszky22002-2003vcl
Adam Czerpinski12004tp
Ken Czervenka11995tp
Adam Czerwinski201989-2013d,cymb,perc
Gori Czerwonka31948-1951b
Stefan Czestochowski12008d
Jozsef Czibere12001perc
Anne Czichowsky21999-2013vcl,g
Valentin Czihak82005-2009b,el-b
Klaus Czikowski81968-1972p
Brian Czimpenski21977d
Jim Czimzack61942-1949d
Tamas Czirjak22014-2015d
Mihaly Czirok21992tp,vcl
Alexander Czjzek11983ts,electronics,sop
Mr. Czlabotnik11988voice
Michael Czn Dhont22003gong,fl,b
Rach Cztar31986-1991as,duck call,sopranino,sop,bar
Pawel Czubatka12016d,mar
Chelsea Czuchra11996fl
Helmuth Czukovits101947-1958b
Jutta Czurda12010vcl
Ignac Czutor11997ts
Gabor Czvikovszky81988-2004sop,tp,flhrn
Gyorgy Czvikovszky61986-1991b
Zbigniew Czwojda31975-1980tp
Waclaw Czyz11947p
Roland Czyzyk11971pic

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