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This index refers to the 227,087 individual jazz musicians (1,416,571 total entries) included in over 245,980 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of July, 2020.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific musicians:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual musicians. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific musicians. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual musicians.

Musician Listing Updates:

Musicians who wish to have their listings updated are asked to submit full discographical data as per the following list - Please submit this information for each release you wish to have added to the database:

  • Leader name and country
  • Album title
  • Musicians including instrument(s) played
  • Recording location(s) (city) and venue if a live recording
  • Recording date(s)
  • Tunes played (as listed on release)
  • Record label name and release number
  • Country of origin of Record label

If you are unable to send us this information, please send us scans or photocopies of the releases.


Page B42 - Craig Butterfield to Barry Bzweig

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Musician nameSessionsRecording YearsInstruments
Craig Butterfield12005b
Don Butterfield1471955-1994tu,tb
Eddie Butterfield11960tp
Erskine Butterfield221937-1950p,vcl,org,ldr
George Butterfield11973b
John Butterfield41973-1975tu,bassax
Keith Butterfield991947-1952tb,tp
Paul Butterfield11985hca
Sean Butterfield12006tp
Stu Butterfield101996-2015d,perc,cymb
Stuart Butterfield21972fhr
Marty Butterick11997b,el-b
Karl Butterman12012vcl
Lou Butterman11950b
Matt Butterman12005g
Michael Butterman12013p
Ted Butterman131958-2001g,cnt,tp
Max Buttermann291948-1957tb,b,tp
Bob Butters81955-2004tb
Steve Butters61996-2001perc,vib
Don Buttersfield11961tu
Anna Butterss42014-2018b
Ronnie Buttervavoli11977tp
Charles Butterworth11940vcl
Don Butterworth11949tu
James M. Butterworth11991poetry
Jason Butterworth12004g
Obie Butterworth12004g
Will Butterworth52005-2014p
Gary Buttery21993-2006tu
Francois Buttet51989-1994p,tb,arr,perc,ldr,xyl,vcl
Pius Butti32004-2014tp
Roberto Buttignol22001-2010d
Rolf Buttiker32000-2002perc
Samuel Buttiker72014-2018d
Eddy Buttler61937-1938cl,ldr,as,arr
Michael Buttler22002-2004b-tb
Igor Buttman12004ts
Nils Buttmann12008keyboards,vcl,org,viola,breath
Jochen Buttner71998-2016perc
Matthias Buttner32003-2017tb,b-tb
Ronnie Buttocoveolli11996flhrn,tp
Wally Buttogello11959tp
Ede Buttola221929-1943as,ldr,arr,bar,cl
Istvan Buttola101937-1943ts
Jon Button31991-1993b
Maxwell Button12010d
Kenneth Buttrey21966d
Kenny Buttrey81966-1975d,perc
Stephie Buttrich11996vln
Baomi Butts11980vcl
Dan Lee Butts11983backing vcl
Hindai Butts51950-1965d
Jimmy Butts161940-1982b,vcl
Joe Butts12013b
Johnny Butts161962-1968d
Melvin Butts22006-2011as,fl,sax
Nic Butts22007-2008tb
Rev. Calvin Butts11989backing vcl
Reverand Dr. Calvin O. Butts, III12013Orator
Steve Butts71994-2007tp
Tom Butts21996-1998ts,sax
Baomi Butts-Bhanji41993-2004vcl,recitation
Bayomi Butts-Bhanji11993vcl
Udu Countm' Butu11996perc
Anna Buturlina32001-2004vcl
Christoph Butz11995vln
Jerry Butzen51955-1977tb,vcl
Ioana Butzu12001vcl,keyboards,perc
Henk van Buul11965p,vcl
John van Buuren12004bj
John Buurlage11969fl
Ineke Buurman31977-1979arr,slide-whistle,vcl,perc
Tibor Buvari71960-1969b
Allard Buwalda41997-2000saxes,cl,ts,fl
Anna Bux12018whistle
Shay Buxboim31995tu
Brad Buxer21984-1987synt programs,keyboards,keyboard
Peter Buxman21999-2004d
Dave Buxton101987-1989p,synt
James Buxton61947-1950tb
Sheila Buxton11972vcl
Vic Buxton11986synt
Al Buyco11989el-b
Mukhamed Buyenbayev12007strings
Hein Buyink11986tp
Raphael Buyo12019comp,sousa
Bruno Buys11989tb
M. Buys11995vln
Marco Buys11974d
Jan Buysse11955g
Willy Buyssens51944-1955g,haw-g
Rob Buytendijk51970-1993bj
Oguz Buyuberber12015cl
Oguz Buyukberber221995-2016cl,b-cl,electronics,p,recorder,keyboards,visuals,fl,Bb-cl,contrabass-cl,editing
Ajlan Buyukburc11999vcl
Sami Buyukcinar11999viola
Sukru Buyukcinar11999keman
Patty Buyukos11976vcl
Baris Buyukyildirim12006p
Vilmos Buza11997b
Paul Buzin21986-2006g
Freddy Buzon11988tp
Jean Buzon11983flhrn,tp
John Buzon21959org
Susan Buzzard12010vln
Monique Buzzart12006tu
Monique Buzzarte42002-2008tb,conch,live processing,didjeridu
Chris Buzzelli101983-2011g
Randy Buzzelli11986d programming,g
Alberto Buzzi21991-1996ts,sop
Alessandro Buzzi12006brush,sticks,hands,object played on a prepared marble table
Enrico Buzzi11998keyboards
Marco Buzzi21988-1998tp
Ezra Buzzington21925-1928slide whistle,pic
Francesco Buzzurro41993-2017g,arr
Giovanni Buzzurro11998b
Joseph Bwarie11992vcl
Jay Byalick41979-1981synt,vocoder
Roger Byam341985-2014ts,sop,as,sax,fl,saxes
Gabrielle Byam-Grounds11996pic,fl
Bill Byan52000-2010d
Bobby Byant31968tp
Denyce Byard11984tamb,vcl
Diane Byard21984-1988vcl,tamb
Gerald Byard11971d
Jaki Byard1471949-1998p,as,el-p,ts,arr,cond,b,d,org,g,celeste,vib
Brent Byars11996b,vcl
Chris Byars461989-2019ts,as,fl,arr,sop,cl,b-tb,f,saxes,hrn-arr,cond,tb
James Byars52007-2015oboe,eng-hrn
Janita Byars12014cl
Rickie Arlita Byars11981background vcl
Don Byas2401938-1971ts,arr,as,saxes
Douglas Byas11949tp
Lloyd Byasse11999d
Cody Byassee12019vib
Lloyd Byassee91956-2002d
Lorenz Bychner11984synt
Andreas Bye171995-2017d,perc
Christi John Bye22005-2006vcl,perc
Joani Bye11990vcl
Kenny Bye11976tp
Marian Bye11950vcl
Marion Bye11955vcl
Peter Bye11987p
Tove Bye11983vcl
Jonathan Byerly11994saxes
Mark Byerly51994-2004tp,flhrn
Aaron Byers12008g
Alan Byers31979-1981vcl
Andrea Byers11996vln
Bernice Byers81939vcl
Bette Byers21989-1999concertmaster,vln
Bill Byers11962tb,arr
Billy Byers3121949-2004tb,arr,cond,woodwinds,supervision,celeste,saxes,ldr,tp
Bob Byers31995-2011as,ts,bar
Bryant Byers111999-2011tb,b-tb,bar
Clifton Byers12012unknown inst
Douglas Byers31935-1937tp
Elmer Byers11946g
Eric Byers12001g
Geoff Byers11994g
Hale Byers441921-1924as,sop,cl,ts,fl
Hale "Pee Wee" Byers21923-1924ts
Lesley Byers22001-2005vcl
Lesley Pichietti Byers12003vcl
Lex Byers21992vcl
Natalee Byers11975vln
Phillip Byers12000d
Rob Byers12007udu
William Byers21956-1960tb
Steve Byess11980saxes
Steven Byess11984reeds
James Byfield12018comp,g,vcl
Sigvard Bygde61945-1981as,arr,sop
Bo Bygden41971-1993p
Phil Bygrave31971-1978tp
Max Bygraves131955-1980vcl
Rob Byham12012tp
Carsten Byhring11952vcl
Walter Byker21995g,vcl
Nanni Byl12006vcl
Agnes Byland11995vln
Magnus Byland12009tb,vcl
Ruth Byles11937vcl
Reggie Byleth21927cl,as,ts
Michal Bylica12006tp
Peter Bylin12002d,perc
Bey J. Bylinski61956d
Janusz "Mrek" Bylinski21947-1955d
Jonas Bylund11978tb
Lena Bylund11978fl
Magnus Bylund61988-2013tb,vcl,arr
Ofer Bymel32007-2017d
Nicolas Bynens11987tp
Frank Byng12004vcl
George W. Byng11923cond
Ben Bynum22007-2009d
Chuck Bynum11983g
Neshawn Bynum21997-1998vcl
Paula Marie Bynum12006vcl
Taylor Ho Bynum1441996-2018cnt,flhrn,tp,trumpbone,pic-tp,b-tp,pocket-tp,cond,mutes,bass-tp,shell,tb,shells,brass,bugle,picc-tp,conch,electronics,pic,v-tb,pocket-cnt,mar,comp,tenor-recorder,iPod,tpt,movement
Akos Byorgy11993p
Amick Byram21980-1981tenor voice,vcl
Jan Byrczek71959-1964b
Alex Byrd11984p
Austin Byrd42013-2016p,org
Bill Byrd21965d
Bobby Byrd641956-1971vcl,org,p,background vcl,el-p
Bobby Byrd21979b
Bobby Byrd11998vcl
Carl Byrd11971d
Charlie Byrd1281952-1999g,el-g,tipple,arr,acoustic-g,Spanish-g,spanish-g,vcl
Cuthbert Byrd41920as
D.C. Byrd11982vcl
David Byrd21980-1981fhr
Debbie Byrd21975vcl
Deborah Byrd11989vcl
Debra Byrd11994vcl
Dickie Byrd11975cga
Donald Byrd2241948-1995tp,flhrn,vcl,el-tp,p,pocket-tp,backing-vcl,cnt,cond,hrns
Eddie Byrd121939-1946d
Eric Byrd161999-2015p,vcl,keyboards
Gene Byrd21962-1981b,g
Ginny Byrd21958-1959vcl
Ina Belle Byrd51944-1946tb
Jacob Byrd12008reeds
James Byrd11949d
Jana Byrd11996as
Jason Miles Byrd12009vcl
Jerry Byrd241952-1999g
Jerry Byrd41952-1953steel-g
Joe Byrd501962-2006b,g,el-b,vcl
John Byrd11929speech,g,vcl
Joseph Byrd41977arr
Liz Byrd11998gamelan
Nolan Byrd42013-2018d
Ralph Byrd41975-1995g,rhythm-g
Rich Byrd32000-2009tp,flhrn
Richard Byrd21980-2000okonkolo,cga,vcl
Rotimi Byrd11986d,djembe
Rudy Byrd11992perc
Sam Byrd21990-1994d,toys,vcl,turntable,perc
Steve Byrd11975g
Warren Byrd121994-2010p,keyboards,vcl,el-p
Winston Byrd111992-2011tp,flhrn
David Byrd-Marrow12011fhr
Howard Byrdsong12001d
Inga Byrkjeland12019cello
Beverly Byrne21946vcl
Bill Byrne581965-1987tp,flhrn,tb
Bill Byrne181970-1996bar,b-cl,as,saxes,cl,woodwinds,sax,sop
Bobby Byrne1451935-1966tb,arr,ldr,cond,vcl
Brian Byrne12007keyboards
Cormac Byrne12011bodhran,perc
David Byrne11992backing-vcl
Dee Byrne42015-2019as,comp,effects
Derry Byrne171994-2019tp,flhrn,hrn
Donna Byrne121989-2005vcl
Ed Byrne101974-2000tb,v-tb,vcl,perc
Eddie Byrne41952-1973b-tb,v-tb,d
Fran Byrne31973-1983d
Greg Byrne21999-2003perc
Harold Byrne11946cond,arr
Helen Byrne11997cello
Jim Byrne11985d
Pat Byrne12001g
Pauline Byrne21937-1940vcl
Robert Byrne131937-1960tb
Rod Byrne52001-2003p
Shaun Byrne12016arr
Stu Byrne12007reeds
Stuart Byrne42002-2015bar,reeds,fl,b-cl,saxes,pic
Tom Byrne21998-2012g
Tony Byrne11985g
Wilf Byrne11965bar
William Byrne11968reeds
Shirley Byrne Brown21974-1975fl
Brendan Byrnes11996d
Jim Byrnes32007-2017vcl
Rick Byrnes11981tu
Sholto Byrnes12010b
Ted Byrnes12011perc
Tim Byrnes72000-2007tp
Pauline Byrns11939vcl
Larry Byrom111977-1988el-g,g,el-p
Kerry Byrom-Carter21991-1998backing-vcl,vcl
Don Byron1211984-2017cl,b-cl,bar,ts,sax,cond,sop-cl,perc,saxes,vcl,arr,comp,mar-eroica,sop,backing-vcl
Don Byron, Sr.12002b
Donald Byron11967b
George Byron11977b-tb
James Byron12004g
Lord Byron11945g
Louisa Byron12019vln
Michael Byron11980p
Paulette Byron11937vcl
Vernon Byron21970fl
Henri Byrs11981p
Andrew Byrt11997viola
Bub Bysouth11952bj
Asa Bystrom11983tp
David Bystrom12003tb
Mats Bystrom12008keyboard
Orjan Bystrom21972-1973ts
Vlady Bystrov52010-2016as,cl,alto-cl,sop,electronics,EWI,ts
Charles Byte11997cl,as,fl
Hanns Byttner11930d,chimes
Hans Byttner61926-1938d,xyl,dr
Chris Bywater51994-2014electronics,synt,p,remake-remodel,ampl-objects,laptop
Phil Bywater71993-2012ts,cl,reeds,keyboards,fl,melodica,vcl,perc,sop
Alina Bzhezhinska32011-2017harp
Krzysztof Bzowka11998vln
Barry Bzweig11997g

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