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This index refers to the 222,046 individual jazz musicians (1,386,638 total entries) included in over 240,906 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of May, 2019.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific musicians:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual musicians. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific musicians. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual musicians.

Musician Listing Updates:

Musicians who wish to have their listings updated are asked to submit full discographical data as per the following list - Please submit this information for each release you wish to have added to the database:

  • Leader name and country
  • Album title
  • Musicians including instrument(s) played
  • Recording location(s) (city) and venue if a live recording
  • Recording date(s)
  • Tunes played (as listed on release)
  • Record label name and release number
  • Country of origin of Record label

If you are unable to send us this information, please send us scans or photocopies of the releases.


Page B28 - John Bova to Mustafa Boztuy

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Musician nameSessionsRecording YearsInstruments
John Bova11964tp
Lucia Bova11995harp
Phil Bova21954-1956arr,fl,sax
Willie Bovain21969-1980org
Dmitri Bovaird12001vla
Dom Bovalino11973tb
Jean-Francois Bovard341967-1998tb,tu,voice,comp,dir
Robert Bovchet12000g
Jim Bove21999-2011d
Michael Bove31976b
Jorgen Bove-Nielsen11973fl,ts
David Bovee12017electronics,el-g,vcl
Mark Bovee21987-1991p
D. Bovell12001vcl
Dennis Bovell11993d-machine,b,keyboards
Dick Bovell11996cond,arr
Stewart Bovell11998tb
Joe Bovello21957-1987tp
Ruben van Boven21992-2001d
Mieke Boven-Heigmans11969vln
Titus Bovenberg91977-1978tu,pan fl,sop
Albert Bover251989-2017p
Hester Boverhuis12003vcl
Charles Bovery21947-1955ts
Cedric Bovet61995-2015sop,ts,bar,digeridoo,fl
Christoph Bovet21987-2010vcl,g,el-g
Lucien Bovet81979-2015d,perc,el-b,vcl
Philippe Bovet61968-2013p,fl
Marco Bovi32000-2013g
Dimitri Boviard12015viola
Vince Bovil151949-1950ts
Hans Bovin31977-1997b
Michael Boving181973-2014bj,vcl,g,marshall
Lou Bovis11981p
Matteo Bovis11992dir
Claudio Bovo11991vcl
Gary Bovyer11995b-cl
Gary S. Bovyer11998cl
Joan Bow22006vcl
Michael Bow12008b
Joan Bow-Miller12004vcl
Peter Bowcott21980as
Nick Bowd72001-2011bar,as,cl
Chris Bowden41990-2017as,sop,saxes
Colin Bowden2011952-2010d,wbd,snare-d
David Bowden32013-2016b
Dennis Bowden41958-1970b
Javan Bowden12011tp,flhrn
Johnny Bowden11957tp
Jojo Bowden12007d
Larry Bowden11999tp
Les Bowden11983b
Mark Bowden161962-1997d,vib,perc,mar,cga,tymp
Marlon Bowden31999-2000d
Mwata Bowden231985-2010bar,cl,b-cl,didgeridoo,sopranino-cl,woodwinds,ts,dir,contra-b-cl,perc,reeds,etc.,vcl
Noel Bowden21991d
Norman Bowden41943-1946tp
Ralph Bowden91944-1954tb,tp,ts
Richard Bowden22004-2007vln
Robert Bowden11978bj
Ron Bowden2241950-1997d,whistling
Simon Bowden161996-1999guitars,g
Ted Bowden22000-2006tp
Bonnie Bowden Amaro11976vcl
Howard Bowe11947tb
Rashidi Bowe11996iya,bgo
Rodney Bowe12006b
Dr. Bowels11994hca
Archie Bowen31963-1973tp,tb,reeds
Billy Bowen141939-1943as
Bo Pee Bowen12005g
Bob Bowen341964-2011b,arr,el-b
Bob Bowen, III21999-2000b
Charles Bowen71975-1997ts,sop,as
Charles Bowen11946ts
Claude Bowen1801938-1949tp
Dai Bowen151965-1990d,perc
Dal Bowen21967-1990d
David Bowen11996unknown inst
Glen Bowen11987cl
Greg Bowen761964-2009tp,flhrn
J.T. Bowen11983vcl
Jack Bowen12009p,vcl
Jason Bowen61998g,wah-wah-el-g,el-g,b
John Bowen11960d
John Bowen21976-1978synt,string-synt
Kay Bowen11996vcl
Larry Bowen11999tp
Lyall Bowen31931as
Lyle Bowen401926-1940as,cl,reeds
Patricia H. Bowen31971p
Ralph Bowen791984-2016ts,sop,fl,as,saxes,sax,reeds,b-cl
Randy Bowen12004d
Reginald Bowen12006tb
Rob Bowen12009b
Robert E. Bowen12003b
Speedy Bowen11962b
Ted Bowen21985-1986b,wood-fl
Theodore Bowen41976-1978ts,b,perc,oboe,bar,g
Tim Bowen71968-1998tp,b
Tom Bowen11980flhrn,tp
Tyrone Bowen21991vcl
Vincent Bowen21980-2011fl,ts,tp,sop
Wally Bowen21938tp
Wyn Bowen21981tb
Yvonne Bowen12001reeds
Alonso Bowens31994-1995ts
Alonzo Bowens62007-2016ts,as,cl
Danny Bowens51973-2010b,el-b,d
Harry Bowens11984background vcl
Jennifer Bowens12000poetry
Reginald Bowens32006-2008vcl
Sir Harry Bowens21997backing-vcl
Vincent Bowens81982-2012ts,fl,sop
Glen Bower11970cl
Jerry Bower22003-2005cga,cajon,udu-d,clave,udu d,cymb,shaker,perc
Kenny Bower11955vcl
Laurie Bower291968-2010tb,vcl,arr,vcl arr,brass
Lawrie Bower21993tb
Roger Bower11996bj
Roy Bower91961-2000tp,vcl
The Laurie Bower Singers 11968
Jim Bowermaster31974-1975d
Ben Bowers11938vcl
Bill Bowers11974tb
Bruce Bowers11986vln
Charles Bowers11929d
Freddy Bowers11932p
Gary Bowers11981flhrn,tp
Gil Bowers661930-1946p,org
Jerry Bowers12011tp
Kenneth Bowers11947d
Kris Bowers122005-2018p,keyboards,el-p,synt
Mark Bowers42005-2008g
R.H. Bowers11930p
Rob Bowers11994tp
Sir Harry Bowers11995backing-vcl
Steve Bowers101928-1930d,tu,vcl
Tony Bowers11986b
Tyrone Bowers11987org
Dana Bowersock11991vcl
Durward Bowersox11925vln
Alf Bowes41933-1938tp,mel
Don Bowes22000-2001ts
Jean Bowes31932-1933vcl
Mike Bowes21996-1997d
Thomas Bowes32004vln
Tom Bowes11999vcl
Andie Bowie11991ts
Bahnamous Bowie21996-2000keyboards
Bahnamous Lee Bowie21987-1995synt,keyboards
Byron Bowie71969-1999ts,fl,cl,vcl,sax
David Bowie21965-1985vcl
Don Bowie21968-1982d
Eric Bowie51968-1976vln
Howard Bowie21993ts
Jim Bowie11997bj
Joseph Bowie701970-2015tb,vcl,perc,cga,rap,electronics,bamboo-tp,d,sabar,hca,small inst.,conch shells,efx,djembe,misc. inst,mar
Ken Bowie11990hca
Lester Bowie1491960-1999tp,flhrn,perc,vcl,bass-d,hca,steer-hrn,b-d,ldr,dir,horns,long hrn,hrn,celeste,kelp-hrn,cond,other sounds,b-drum,kelphrn
Martin Bowie12013g
Michael Bowie431983-2012b,el-b
Nitara Bowie11992vcl
Pat Bowie51964-1965vcl
Roscoe Bowie21994-1997ts
Bill Bowig11978tp
Jim Bowing12006tp
Billy Bowker91981-2004d
Bob Bowker31977-1996cond,vcl,backing vcl
Marvina Bowker11995vcl
Jack Bowkett31953-1955vcl
Jimmy Bowland42005-2018as,bar,woodwinds,cl,ts
Jimy Bowland12015as,sop,fl,cl,handclaps
Randall Bowland111988-1992g
Randy Bowland151986-2016g,ac-g
Bob Bowlby51985-2001as,bar,fl,ts,pic,b-cl,sop
Mike Bowlee11969unknown inst.
Randy Bowlen11990g
Dave Bowler21997-1998d
David Bowler51987-2004d
Phil Bowler481976-2013b,el-b,vcl
Anthony Bowles41956cond
Bob Bowles51972-1976g,el-g
Colin Bowles141957-1968p,harmonium
Coy Bowles12015tamb,g
Gerry Bowles11983cowbell
John Bowles22005g
Paul Bowles11999narrator
Russell Bowles991933-1950tb,tp
Stacy Bowles31984-1986tb
Teddy Bowles11959d
Thomas "Beans" Bowles101951-1962bar,ts,fl
Ray Bowling11926cnt
Steve Bowling11978el-p
Al Bowlly1341926-1940vcl,g,ukelele,bj
Josh Bowlus22016-2017p,el-p
Joshua Bowlus42007-2014p,el-p
Ian Bowmaker21996p
Adam Bowman32006-2017d,perc
Babe Bowman61938-1947tb,vcl
Bob Bowman1071976-2018b,arr,el-b
Bob Bowman21933-1934as
Bob Bowman11943tb
Brian Bowman11995euph
Bryan Bowman82003-2016d
Carl Bowman11961euph
Chris Bowman11995d,perc
Christopher Bowman11984d,el-d
Dave Bowman781938-1960p,celeste
Dave Bowman21946tb
Dave Bowman11982tp
David Bowman101976-2007tb,tenor-tb
Dean Bowman141995-2011vcl,voice
Deb Bowman12011vcl
Dick Bowman11997tb
Don Bowman81948-1956g,vln,tp
Don Bowman11995vcl
Elliott Bowman11926unknown inst.
Eric Bowman12012tb
Euday L. Bowman31924-1938p
Jean Bowman11996vcl backing
John Bowman231928-2009vln,p
Julie Bowman11982choir
Kelly Bowman11940tb
Kent Bowman12003tb
Mark Bowman11988d
Neville Bowman22004-2012p,flhrn,el-p
Priscilla Bowman31955-1977vcl
Red Bowman11927cnt,vcl
Rich Bowman21995tp
Ron Bowman31994-1999d,p
Russ Bowman21954p
Skip Elliott Bowman12002b
Thomas Bowman, Jr.12002vcl
Tony Bowman41990vcl
William Bowman21967-1968d
Dean Bowman Omen12002unknown inst
Thomas Bowman, Jr. III22003-2004vcl
Andy Bown21972b
Pat Bown11965p
Patti Bown871957-1976p,org,el-p
Vernon Bown11963b
Dougie Bowne271982-1999d,lampshades,hi-hat,whistling,cymb,floor-tom
Jerry Bowne141927-1929tp,vcl
Paul Bowness11996b-g
Terry Bowness111995-2002p,org,keyboards,el-p
Laury Bowning12005vocal quartet
Brian Bowring21952-1959d
Stephanie Bowring12014vcl
Tony Bowring21996-1997fretless-b
Henry Bowser51918-1919d
Stan Bowsher151932-1936arr,tp
Damien Bowskill11998el-g
Don Bowyer51981-2002tb,vcl,b-tb
Keith Box52002-2010cl,vcl
Karl Boxer21965-1966p
Stephen Boxer11985voice
Andre Boxexa31997-1998cymb,d,pandeiro,perc
Marvin Boxley41978g
Baby Boy12003keyboards,vcl
Circus Boy12007p,electronics
J Boy11996cga
Boy and Girl21959vcl duet
Edouard Boy de la Tour11954tb
Jacques Boy de la Tour11954as
The Boy Friends11952vcl
Arto Boyaciyan31986-1995perc,voice,vcl
Bob Boyack21961b
Georges Boyadjian11986bj
Gerard Boyadjian11972cl,as
Gregoire Boyadjian11978bj
Jack Boyadjian22006-2007b
Jacky Boyadjian42003-2005b
Jacqui Boyadjian11978ldr,b
Sava Boyadjiev12006d
Armen Boyajian11984vln
Andres Boyarsky12008ts
Gerard Boyaval41965-1966d
Brian Boyce12012d
Bruce Boyce21935vcl
Coby Boyce21996-1997tp
David Boyce22007-2010ts,d,sop,electronics
Dean Boyce11976b
Gerry Boyce31979-2003d,arr
Harold Boyce21939-1941vcl,p
Jesse Boyce21970b
Jim Boyce11984steel-d
Jinny Boyce11993cl,sax
John Boyce41967tb
Melissa Boyce12005vcl
Norbert Boyce12005p,keyboards
Todd Boyce12004reeds
Sasha Boychouck22010as
Sasha Boychouk42005-2008cl,b-cl,sop,as,bar,reeds
Alexander Boychuk11997cl,as,sop
Sasha Boychuk12010sax
Wally Boychuk11948b
Anthony L. Boyd21981-1982perc,bgo,cga,snare-d
Armen Boyd12011ts
Bill Boyd11938g
Billy Boyd11997tp
Bobby Boyd11971ts,vcl
Bonnie Boyd11971fl
Carl Boyd11952saxes
Carroll Boyd21926p
Christian Boyd31994-1997p,el-p
Col. Crawford Boyd11980bawa,potarth
Curtis Boyd141964-2014d
Dave Boyd51927-1929tb
Don Boyd371942-1947tb
Donn Boyd12007g
Donn Cary Boyd11981g
Douglas Boyd11994oboe
Dr. Wayne Boyd11998g
Eddie Boyd11979as,ts
Eugene Boyd11957cl
Father Malcolm Boyd21966g,vcl
Franklin Boyd11951vcl
Fred Boyd11981b-tb
Glen Boyd11957b
Gregory Boyd71991-2008perc,vcl,hand-d,d,steel pans,steel-pan,steel-g,synt-program,steel-d
Hugo Boyd11961b
Jacquelyn Boyd11997vcl
James Boyd41971-2016viola,cello
Jesse Boyd112000-2017b
Jim Boyd91938-1984b,g
Jimmy Boyd121952-1982p,peckhorn
Jody Boyd12006perc
Joe Boyd11928vcl
Johnny Boyd11965arr
Kay Boyd11983vcl
Ken Boyd11996tp
Kevin Boyd21996vib
Lenny Boyd61967-1975b
Lin Boyd11968b
Lone Boyd12011vcl
Major Boyd21993-2000sax,sop
Manny Boyd291972-1996fl,ts,as,sop,sax,pic
Margaret Boyd11971cello
Martin Boyd91973-1996cl,as,bar
Mike Boyd12005chimes,xyl
Monty Boyd11980tp,fl
Moses Boyd92010-2018d
Ned Boyd62003-2016bar,b-cl,fl
Nelson Boyd331947-1964b
Ollie Boyd11929cl
Peter Boyd31986-1991b-cl,bar
Raplh Boyd12001viola
Raymond Boyd11927vcl
Reggie Boyd71957-1962g
Rocky Boyd11961ts
Roger Boyd61934-1938as
Rupert Boyd12010classical-g
Samuel Boyd11990as
Stephen Boyd51999-2005keyboards,p
Steve Boyd11976clavinet,synt
Susan Boyd21984-1996vcl
Sylvester Boyd19999-0000vcl
Tanya Boyd11992vcl
Terence Boyd11998backing-vcl
Thomas G. Boyd12002oboe
Tim Boyd11983saxes
Tom Boyd11986g
Tony Boyd11994vcl
Walter Boyd31927as,ts,sop
Wayne Boyd91980-2000g,el-g
Will Boyd32009-2017ts,fl,saxes
William Boyd31952-2002vln,b,bar
Blaine Boyden51926-1927tp
Phil Boyden21995-1996vln
Chad Boydston51992-2004tp,chekere,gong,shaker
Jeff Boydstun11989keyboard seq.,keyboards
Ben Boye22007-2016el-p,pianet,effects,mellotron
Tyane Boye11990vln
Dick Boyell21998-2003arr,cond
Bart Boyeng21977as,slide-whistle
Etienne Boyens51959-1960b
Alain Boyer22008-2014d
Anita Boyer541939-1953vcl
Boni Boyer11983backing-vcl
Bonne Boyer11995vcl
Bonnie Boyer21989backing-vcl
Dusty Boyer11994g
Ed Boyer11973b
Elwood Boyer211924-1931tp
Emile Boyer41936-1941tp
George Boyer11991p
Greg Boyer21999-2006tb
Guy Boyer101958-1973vib,synt,arr,p,org
Jeanne Boyer21987-1989vcl,b
Jim Boyer11988tp
Jo Boyer181947-1959arr,dir,tp
Jon Boyer11978tb,vcl
Leroy Boyer11956vcl
Neal Boyer61970vib,chimes
Patrick Boyer12001tambura
Phillippe Boyer12018ts
Pierre Boyer31979-1993ts
Randy Boyer11984tb,vcl
Rick Boyer11977el-b
Rudy Boyer21940reeds
Sabine Boyer11995alto-fl
Sebastien Boyer22010-2012tb
Simon Boyer271995-2016d
Simon "Shuffle" Boyer12012d
Wayne Boyer41986-1999tp,backing vcl,d,backing-vcl,flhrn,keyboards
Barrie Boyes22010ts,as,bar,reeds
Brian Boyes11999tp
Ian Boyes71979-2000d
Mary Boyes12010vcl
John Boyett41981-2005b
Anton Boyev12000ts
Boris Boyich21955-1956g
Bob Boykin141989-2009g,keyboards,b
Brenda Boykin81991-2012vcl
David Boykin201998-2015ts,b-cl,sop,cl,perc,sax,vcl
Deginal Boykin21997-1999b,d,synt-programs,g,keyboards,perc
Ernest Boykin11985voice,b,perc
J.C. Boykin11973g
Roger Boykin41977-2012p,g,b,arr,el-b,el-p
Jessica Boykin-Settles22003-2004vcl
Brenda Boykins11997vcl
Leon Boykins52008-2014b
Ronald Boykins31957-1966b
Ronnie Boykins1291957-1980b,vcl,tu,perc,viola,vla,dutar,space gong,sousa
DB Boyko12004vcl
Rabecca Boyko11997perc
Cian Boylan12018p,arr
Don Boylan11950vcl
Robert Boyland11960g
Andrew Boyle12013d
Banjo Bob Boyle11972bj
Barbara Boyle12001vcl
Bill Boyle21959-1968d
Bob Boyle91971-1990bj
Chris Boyle11976fhr
Chris Boyle11995p,keyboards
Dave Boyle31972-1974tb
David Boyle81976-1978tb,b-tb
Don Boyle11985b
Doug Boyle22000-2004g
Dougie Boyle11999ac-g
Earl Boyle11938as
Frederic Boyle11994vcl,keyboards
Gary Boyle301964-2008g,el-g,12-string-g,vcl
Graham Boyle41980-2000d,perc
Hal Boyle41961-1964d
Jim Boyle11991b-g
John Boyle31978-2001kazoo,d,thumb-p
Larry Boyle21966-2000tb,p
Lawrence Boyle61958-1965tb
Patrick Boyle71973-2009tp,flhrn,arr,tamb,g
Keith Boyles81992-2010b
June Boyne11987vcl
Bob Boynton11990reeds
Ed Boynton11999g
Irene Boynton21947-1948bar
Ned Boynton21993-1994rhythm-g,g
Steve Boynton51996-2007g
Tommy Boynton12015b,vcl
Bill Boyole11978tb
Peter Boys11974b
Boys Choir11943vcl
Boys choir of Harlem12004vcl group
The Boys Choir of Harlem41992-2000vcl,choir
Sonya Boysa11999vcl
Pete Boyse31985-1989as
Dean Boysen21985-2004flhrn,tp
Jens-Johan Boysen11998tp,vcl
Nicolas Boysen12011tp
Pia Boysen11996vcl
Ronni Boysen12016g
Doug Boyter11977bj
Ian Boyter21984-1986cl
Laura Boytz22004-2009cello
Boyz II Men11992backing-vcl
Emile Boza11969d
Bata Bozanic11996b
S. Bozanic11991el-b
Lorenza Bozano12009voice
Ricardo Bozas41988-2000perc,tambores,crickets
Calvin Boze81945-1952tp,vcl
Kriss Bozek12000b
Gunter Bozem11999d
Bonnie Bozeman11989vcl
Miles Bozeman12012d
Ray Bozeman12001synt,el-p
Fritz Bozetti51942-1943vcl
Miro Bozic11998hca
Sladjana Bozic12004vcl
Tadej Bozic32001-2002ts,fl,reeds,sop
Boleslav Bozka51972-1979bj
Gungor Bozkurt21970reciter
Don Bozman21984-1996tb
Mustafa Boztuey12001bender,udu,darbouka
Mustafa Boztuy11996saz,darbouka,bendir

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