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This index refers to the 223,485 individual jazz musicians (1,395,818 total entries) included in over 242,503 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of September, 2019.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific musicians:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual musicians. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific musicians. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual musicians.

Musician Listing Updates:

Musicians who wish to have their listings updated are asked to submit full discographical data as per the following list - Please submit this information for each release you wish to have added to the database:

  • Leader name and country
  • Album title
  • Musicians including instrument(s) played
  • Recording location(s) (city) and venue if a live recording
  • Recording date(s)
  • Tunes played (as listed on release)
  • Record label name and release number
  • Country of origin of Record label

If you are unable to send us this information, please send us scans or photocopies of the releases.


Page A17 - Jim Avery to a_dontigny

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Musician nameSessionsRecording YearsInstruments
Jim Avery11986hrn
Joe Avery111946-1955tb
Joe "Kid" Avery11954tb
Ken Avery51953-1980cl,ts,vcl
Michael Avery31981-2006d,electronics
Mike Avery12008perc
Mikel Avery22014-2016d
Mikel Patrick Avery22017d,fl,tam-tam,gongs
Nettie Dady Avery19999-0000vcl
Paul Avery11977d
Teodross Avery241993-2018ts,sop,sax,comp,words
Bob Aves12006g
Sandro Avesani12010bar
Emily Avesian22005bar
Juletta Avetian22000-2002vln
Bobby Avey122005-2016p,keyboards,el-p,org
Riccardo Avezzani11964strings
Michael Avgenicos12013ts
Chris Avgerin12007d,perc
Michael Avgil22006-2009d
John Aviani12008d
Helene Avice12016b
Yvan Avice51991-2007ts,saxes,sop
Renesito Avich12016tres
Scott Anderson Avidon12016ts
Scott Robert Avidon61995-2011ts,woodwinds,sax,sop
Robert Avignon41927ldr,cond,p
Benoit Avihoue12007perc
Art Avila21974-1975sax,sop
Carmelo Avila401922-1929cl,as
Eddie Avila12003d
Eduardo Avila11995charango
John Avila12010el-b
Jose Avila21992-1995p,d
Meguil Avila11963perc
Mike Avila21990-1997accor,keyboards
Rosa Avila12016d
Alejandro Aviles102010-2017as,fl,ts,sop,reeds,cl,saxes
Bob Aviles31947-1949d,unknown inst.
Danilo Aviles11995d
Randy Aviles21999-2017tp
Victor Aviles11973vcl,perc
Vitin Aviles11973vcl
Randy Avilles12013tp
Erich Avinger91989-2000g,el-g,bansuri-fl,ney,p,classical-g
Ed Avis51947-1968v-tb,tb,tp
Ken Avis22011-2012g,vcl,perc
Yonatan Avishai32002-2007p,fl,vcl,el-p
Yonathan Avishai92006-2018p,vcl
A. Avison11966vln
Angus Avison31985-1989tp
Avo Avison191959-1975tb
Keith Avison21957tb
Keith "Avo" Avison11972tb
Richard Avison31985-1989tb,Chinese autolute
Omer Avita12004oud,b
Franck Avitabile101998-2014p,el-p
Omer Avital581993-2018b,oud,vcl,arr,comp
Omer Avitar12009b
Jim Aviva12017keyboards,vcl
Brian Avnet11983handclaps
Jean Avocat11985vcl,sax
Angelo Avogadri11997el-g
Al Avola1331937-1944g,arr
Jos Avonts21991-1994cnt,tp
Dimitrios Avraam11982d
Lea Avraham11994vcl
Andriy Avramets12000b-g
Alexandru Avramovici11967g
Viktor Avsaragov12011b
Slavko Avsenik21979-1982p,arr,keyboards
Rob Avsharian12011d
Mellow Avstreih12007vcl
Jim Awad11928cnt
Didier Awadi11996rap
Tkakumi Awaya12013b
Natik Awayez12017oud
Frances Awe21986-1991perc
Francis Awe11994vcl
Robert Awhai11978g
Carole Awolowo11985vcl
Yoni Yami Awolowo11985vcl
Anders Ax11977g
Anders Axberg21980-1981sax
Lennart Axborn11998b
Ann Axelby11979vla,vln
Andrew Axelrad21992-2011as,sax
Andy Axelrad171993-2012as,fl,reeds,woodwinds,cl,saxes
Dan Axelrod21980g
Dave Axelrod11969arr,cond
David Axelrod61972-1974arr,cond
Jack Axelrod71924tp
Janet Axelrod21995fl
Victir Axelrod21999-2000org
Gunnar Axelsen11960cnt
Hans Axelsen21992-1994cl,saxes
Lennart Axelson51973-2006tp
Sten Axelson61938-1943org,p,vcl
Gunnar Axelson-Fisk12003text & music,cl,hca,vcl
Andreas Axelsson41992-2003d,d-maching,perc,CD player
Anna Axelsson31991-1994fhr,hrn
Arne Axelsson11952accor
Bertil Axelsson31977-1981tp
Jonny Axelsson51993-2000perc,mallets
Lennart Axelsson1011968-2004tp,flhrn
Omar Axelsson11980b
Peter Axelsson81978-2001b,arr
Bent Axen851951-1999p,arr,accor,cond,vib
Curt Axen11940p
Michael Axen71987-1999d
Klaus Axenkopf12000b
Dave Axford11930b
Harlie Axford11976tb
Ray Axford41931-1932b
The Axidentials61958vcl group
Nadine Axisa12013vcl
Arnaud Axler11990g
Sandy Axon51958-1990tb,vcl
Butch Axsmith11959d
Francis Axsmith11960d
Ron Axsom12006tb
Kevin Axt921980-2019b,el-b,tu,arr,d,backing-vcl,string-b,6-sting-el-b,6-string-b,ac-b-g
Tony Axtell22000-2012vib,shaker,synt pads,arr,tamb,el-b
W.M. Axtmann11916p
Hoyt Axton11974vcl
Packy Axton21965-1966ts
DJ Axum12007turntables
Chie Ayado91994-2000vcl,p,org
Buzu Ayagiba11993perc,vcl
Kinah Ayah62009d,g
Joop Ayal21987-2004ts,fl
Alex Apollo Ayala12015b
Alex Apolo Ayala12014b
Amos Ayala11925d
Ben Ayala12007p
Frank Gilberto Ayala21941-1942p
Isaac Ben Ayala82000-2010p
John Ayala11998woodwinds
Julio Ayala31955-2000b,g
Tony Ayala12000perc
Ajangila Sakirat Ayandokun11999vcl
Rabiu Ayandokun31989-2007dun dun,perc
Rabju Ayandokun11999d
Sakirat Ojeladun Ayandokun12007perc
Matthew Ayanfowora12011Nigerian talking-d
Lamidi Ayankunle41985-1989bata-d,voice,yoruba d,bata,vcl
Muideen Ayankunle11999d
Olakunle Ayanlowo12000talking-d
Rhian Ayanna12003backing-vcl
Juma Santos Ayantola12002perc
Stephen Ayantoye Aniykkaye12004talking drum
Albert Ayanwale11994tamb,bells,talking-d
Bo Ayars12011p,org,el-p
Charles Ayash41997-2015d
Andre Ayassot12010as,sop
Andrea Ayassot151994-2014as,sop,sax
Andrea "Aiace" Ayassot31992-1993as
Andrea A. Ayassot11997as
Andrea Ayace Ayassot11997as
Howard Ayce11984b
Christine Aycox21963-1964vcl
Murat Aydemir12003tanbur
Ozan Aydogan12005darbuka,spoken word,perc
Tahir Aydogdu71991-1997kanun
Heidi Aydt11983p
Mike Ayear161960-2000tp,vcl,cnt
Lofti Ben Ayed11984perc
Lotfi Ben Ayed11997derbuka
Howard Ayee21979-2006b,el-b
Olivier Ayello11997d
Can Ayer11995synt,p
Hakan Ayer11999g
Julie Ayer11985strings
Stan Ayeroff12006g
Bob Ayers11998tp
Cyrille Ayers11970perc
Danny Ayers11986background vcl
Dave Ayers31973tb
Kevin Ayers111967-1973vcl,b-g,g,p,b,voice,org,el-g
Lynette White Ayers11984vcl
Mitchell Ayers11950cond
Roy Ayers1191962-2003vib,vcl,org,p,synt,keyboards,perc,mar,KAT,arr,keyboard,presenter,el-p,scat-a-vibe,backing vcl,el-clavinet,el-d,lead & bkrd vcl,backing-vcl,producer,synt-b,cga,kat vib
Terry Ayers11994vcl,keyboards
Todd Ayers41996-1998g
Virginia Ayers31978-1979vcl
Balik Ayhan91993-2002rhythm,arr,vcl,darbuka,agiz efekt,efektler,kenar,t
Pinar Ayhan12013vcl
Paul Ayick22002-2013unknown inst.,tp,flhrn
Kofi Ayivor181971-2000cga,djembe,bgo,perc
Dogan Aykon12007tb
Albert Ayler501960-1970ts,vcl,sop,as,talking,bagpipe chanter,chanter,whistling,musette,bagpipe
Don Ayler71966-1969tp
Donald Ayler131965-1981tp
George Ayler11977d
Peter Ayliffe21994-2003d
Phil Ayling111970-1996recorder,English hrn,woodwinds,recorders,oboe,as,f
Phillip Ayling21970-1997oboe,eng-hrn,cl,ts,alto-fl,bar,b-cl
Brian Aylor32006-2011d
Jack Aylor12017b
Geoffrey Aymar21997-1998p
Robert Aymes21981-1994b
Roberto Aymes21984-1992b,unknown inst.,el-b
Lilo Aymon11983p
Hendrich Aynny11998ldr,tp,vcl
Willem Tjong Ayong11984tp
Al Ayoub22000g
Joe Ayoub12004b
Mahmoud Ayoub21970-1971tb,perc
Nick Ayoub211957-1977ts,fl,sax,oboe,saxes,as,eng-hrn,cl,sop
Al Ayoubn12001g
Art Ayre21967org
Aldivas Ayres21988-2017tb
Bobi Ayres11998tb
Glenn Ayres12011d,perc
Leslie Ayres101949-1952tp,p
Michael Ayres101996vib,keyboards,cymb,org,cowbells,keyboard,finger-cy
Mitchell Ayres171939-1968cond,ldr
Nelson Ayres201975-2017p,el-p,mar,keyboards,synt,arr
Sam Ayres11990tp
Sandy Ayres11985oboe
Brook Ayrton12008tp
Bursali Aytac11993kanun
Ziyaettin Aytekin21980sipsi,mey,zurma
Kaiga Ayubu12009perc
Jane Sirivong na Ayudhaya11994vcl
Philip Chumsal na Ayudhaya11994vcl
Makoto Ayukawa11996g
Arie Ayunir12000d
Dmitry Ayurov12004morin khur
Marc Ayza82004-2016d,perc
Jeff Azad11998b
Shamira Azad11979vcl
Mehdi Azaiez12018g
Yasmine Azaiez22011-2018vln,vcl
Alan Azalone12002sax
Thierry Azam11998all instruments
Ethel Azama41958-1959vcl
Quique Azambuja21987background vcl,vcl
Amoah Azangio11975perc
Mamaniji Azanyah11995b
Mamanji Azanyah21986-1992b
Ben Azaram11991electronics
Joe Azarello51968-2005p,vib,vcl
Tom Azarello161963-1998b,harp,el-b
Andy Azaria11963perc
David Azarian91983-1998p,synthesizers,synt
Julio Azcano12009g
Christoph Azema11997as,bar
Christophe Azema21991-2000sop,perc,as,bar,ts
J. Azema11981ts
Marlene Azemon11994vcl
Harry Azen31942-1965vln,viola
John Azenedo71925-1927tp
Artie Azenzar31977-1994p,arr,el-p
Natalie Azerad21997coro,vcl
Kurt Azesberger21983-1984vcl
Carlos Azevedo12006p
Marcelo Azevedo12008b
Mike Azevedo11979cga
Nailor "Proveta" Azevedo31995-2009cl,as
Nailor Proveta Azevedo31996as
Roberto "Capacete" Azevedo11981tb,el-b
Victor Butch Azevedo11979d,perc
Walter Azevedo21998-2000tb
Walter Batista de Azevedo21980tb
Mostafa Kafai Azimi11984tp
Murat Aziret12013vcl
Abdul Aziz11998surbahar
Moustapha Abdel Aziz11995arghoul
Mustapha Abdel Aziz11998argoul
Aziza Mustafa Aziza11996vcl
Ravil Azizov21987-1989cl,tb,p,b,vcl,perc,Cambodian-fl,handsaw,electronic
Kinan Azmeh22014-2016cl
Bruno Aznar11986p
Pedro Aznar141983-2004vcl,g,perc,vib,ts,voice,melodica,charango,pan-pipe,mar,accor,marimba,el-p,5-string-b,glockenspiel,fretless-b
Ani Aznavoorian12000cello
Charles Aznavour11998vcl
Sheila Azores11968third world charter
Adou Azouhouni11997p,keyboards
William Azoulay71968-1977bj,d,g
Nick Azpiroz12000tp
Abed Azrie11989vcl
Maya Azucena12000vcl
Gary Azukx21996-2000djembe,gutam
Ramon Azul12010tembura
Christina Azuma11994g
K. Azuma11962arr
Kaoru Azuma22006-2008vcl
Mitsuyoshi Azuma11992g
Toshiyuki Azuma11992d
Azur Egyuttes11963unknown inst
Azur Vokal11963vcl
Inigo Azurmendi12000b
Tojo Azusa12015tb
Gianni Azzali31996-2011sop,ts,as
Dino Azzalin12002recitation
Dina Azzam12007vcl
Ben Azzara22006d,perc
Christopher Azzara11990keyboards
Pat Azzara61963-1967g
Lorenzo Azzarito11993tb
Tom Azzerlo11970b
Christian Azzi451948-2013p,org
Marcel Azzola301980-2011accor
Jay Azzolina241985-2018g,el-g,vcl
Mark Azzolina11960vcl,dir
Sal Azzolina101953-1954ts
Alessandro Azzolini11994tb
Giorgio Azzolini1021958-1988b
Sandro Azzolini11995as
Dave Azzopardi12001d
Mary Azzopardi11993vcl
Michael Azzopardi12010keyboards
Tony Azzopardi131993-2010perc
Fanny Azzuro12017p

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